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We are currently conducting a professional talent search for young unsigned male pop singers and vocal groups between the ages of 14 -22

Those chosen will be offered record company recording / publishing / management agreements.

There are no fees of any kind to pay - if you are interested, you will need to get us a package, which includes a home video containing your performance or an Audio mp3 ,and current pictures. We will accept demos, home recordings, vocals sung over karaoke and acappella recordings. The presentation does not need to be elaborate as long as your voice can be heard clearly and if a home video we can see you clearly. We will be listening for the quality of the voice, not the quality of the recording. The photo needs to be a full photo, not just a face shot.

You can post it on your myspace page and email us or your website and email its location to georgetobinmusic@aol.com

If you post it on your myspace page please make sure that we can easily access and view it ..and send you a message. take any controls for messaging and viewing off. have a friend do a test yourself first to make sure it works.

Or you may email the materials to: georgetobinmusic@aol.com

Or you may use the US Mail at the address below.

IMPORTANT - We need singers that can really sing at a professional level, you must sing not just rap.

If you just rap this isn't for you.

Or Send your package to

102 NE 2ND ST. # 246
Packages will not be returned.

Smokey Robinson -
Being With You
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Robert John -
Sad Eyes
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New Edition -
With You All The Way
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Tiffany -
I Think We’re Alone Now
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Kicking Harold -
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