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We have '2' complete State-of-the-Art Pro Tools Systems.AND STANDARD 2 INCH CABABILITY.

System 'One' is completely portable. All the equipment is rack mounted in 5 Jan-Al flight cases and can be moved to any location with our own truck and set up in about 4 hours. Here is a run-down SOME of the studio's equipment:

STUDIO NAME: George Tobin Studio (East & West)

LOCATION: Las Vegas Nevada and Highland Beach Florida

MIXING CONSOLE: Pro Control w/Studio Comm.


AMPS: Yamaha 3200, Mackie M-1400i, Rolls & Crown Headphone Amps

RECORDERS: Studer 827 24-trk. Ampex ATR 102 2trk, Otari MX 55 2trk. Adat (2). Adams Smith synchronization

DAT: Panasonic SV 3700 (3)

OUTBOARD GEAR: GML, Presonus M80 (3)
pre-amps, DBX 1046 (2)
TC Finalizer, Antares ATR-1
Yamaha CD Burner (2)
Phillips CDR 775 (2)
Denon Cd players (2)
Denon Cassette (2)

DIGITAL I/O: 888 i/o (3)


COMPUTER: Mac G4 450mhz 20hd 320 ram 21" monitor---(2 systems)

SOFTWARE: Pro Tools Mix-Plus 5.0 w/ 6 Farm cards and 2 core

PLUG INS: Channel Strip, Amp Farm, Focusrite D2/D3, Mic Mod., Pitch Doctor, Renaissance EQ's, Waves Mechanic, Waves, Audio Suite, Toast, Virus, Aural Exciter, 1176, LA2A, Pultec EQ, Bruno, Compressor Bank(s), Filter Bank(s), MC2000, D-Verb, Drawmer GCLs, Drawmer ECLs, Echo Farm, Fairchild 660, GRM Tools, Joe Meek Compressor, JVP, Autotune, Mastertools (Appogee), Maxim, Qsys, Waves Gold, TC Tools: Masterx, Chorus, EQ, Megareverb, Voicestrip), Tel-Ray Delay

DIGITAL EDITING: Bias Peak, Pro Tools, Sound Tools, Sound Forge.

BACK-UP: Glyph Trips (2) 9 gig hd (4), Fathom HD's, Retrospect AIT tape back-up

MICROPHONES U47, 251, C414, 57, 58, 251, 86, 87 ect. many old and new. also the Mic Mod plug in from Antares

We will include some photo's of the studio'd in the near future.

Smokey Robinson -
Being With You
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Robert John -
Sad Eyes
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New Edition -
With You All The Way
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Tiffany -
I Think We’re Alone Now
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Kicking Harold -
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